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Why do our bodies create Stomach Fat and how do we hack it?

by | 22 Sep, 2020 | 0 comments

This article looks at the underlining reasons as to why your body chooses to create specifically the fat cells around your waistline and belly. Once we understanding these reasons we can then look at the best ways and means with which we can get rid of the undesirable baggage.

You might have noticed that when a male or female, enters adulthood their body undergoes the necessary changes in order to best equip itself for the years to come. One of these changes is the creation and storage of fat cells across the belly region and the hips. This is predominantly evident in women after reaching childbearing age and post-pregnancy and men going into their mid 30’s. This is most probably caused due to the fact that fat serves as excellent energy storage. Belly fat for the body of the woman means security in case she needs to convert it into energy for Milk production or simply as energy source in case the body undergoes food shortages. Another reason why the woman’s body has belly fat is to protect the ovaries and reproductive system from external impact or bruising. In the guys, the body chooses to store belly fat cells for a similar reason which are genetically passed down. In the past, our forefathers were hunters and warriors. Their bodies were continuously put under tremendous stress during long wars on the battlefield or in prolonged hunting expeditions. This is why man’s bodies perfected the ability to store large amounts of belly fat and used it all up when food was scares as for instance as during a war when there is little food or no time to eat but the body needs a lot of energy. Today modern sportsman know this and Mega marathon swimmers are known to carb-load up to 12 kg belly fat in a short period before a swim and use it all up during the event.

The above scenarios prove that a small amount of belly fat is healthy and in fact sexy. The problem lies when our bodies go into “bally fat storing mode ” and refuse to stop. Below are a few other reasons why our bodies will create more belly fat then what is healthy.

1. Too much Toxins in the body
One of the most overlooked and yet without a doubt most crucial reason why our bodies are creating belly fat is due to the high amount of toxins, heavy metals and other impurities piled up in the body. These impurities enter our bodies from the Air, Water and Food. When the body is unable to detoxify itself and expel this toxin then its only coping mechanism is to lock them away inside belly fat cells and it will keep them there for years and years until that fat cell is broken down and used up as fuel. But if the toxins are still unable to be metabolized by the liver and then expelled by the kidneys, then the toxins are again put inside a newly formed fat cell. This means some people lose belly fat cells due to exercise just to gain it all back very fast as they now have even more toxins to deal with from the oxidation stress caused by exercise.

The solution to this major challenge could be one of the reasons why Our Tummy Melt Tea is so effective. In our blend, we have put minimum of 4 varieties of teas (Green Tea, Moringa tea, Lemon Grass and Hibiscus flower tea) that are known for their superb performance as providers of antioxidants to limit the oxidation stress from your workout and also assist the body to expel the toxins by means of Supporting the function of Liver and Kidneys, Improving blood circulation and electrolyte content of the water in your body ( due to many vitamin and minerals that are in the tea blend of TMT). Detoxification by improving the ability of the digestive tract to separate the good from the bad before assimilating the good nutrients into the bloodstream. And also assist the body to break the strong bonds on the cellular lever with many heavy metals and then expel them thought a healthy lymphatic system which TMT aims at supporting while you are sweating away the Kgs. 

Please be on the lookout for our next Publication where we will discuss the rest of the Belly Fat causes and how we hack our bodies.

  1. Too much sugar/ carbohydrates ( energy) in the system
  2. To much fat content in the body vs ability to produce Insulin.
  3. Too much energy input vs output (Overeating).  
  4. Metabolic dysfunction.
  5. Inflammation ……..To be continued…



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