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Weight loss combo


Experience love with a good looking body ...

Experience love with a good looking body

Experience love with a good looking body this  With this amazing combo, You have your favourite tea to melt away the tummy. Take it to the next level with our Feedmor Meal replacement, Enjoy each sip of a powerhouse shake that is designed to give you your needed nutrients.  With our Fibermax rolled oats, you can start your day off right. And, last but not least we have the power duo of Fat Terminator and Hunger Stop that is always ready to destroy stubborn eating habits and fat cells that are no longer welcomed. Please take a look at the specifications tab for more information on the products in this combo.

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Hunger Stop


Fat terminator.

Fibre Max 

Add 1 tablespoon Tummy Melt Tea Drink throughout the day. You can also strain after 15 minutes of preparation A metabolic booster and a detox agent, this tea promises to make a dent into the unwanted tummy fat and assist you to melt away the Kilograms. How to use Feed-Mor Serve 50grams per meal or 2 tablespoons Add 200ml clean cool or warm drinking water and mix Take 1 capsule in the morning 30minutes before breakfast Take 1 capsule in the afternoon 30minutes before lunch

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