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Why you should try Hunger Stop

Health Boost factor – The way Hunger Stop helps to eliminate the root cause of food cravings is by stabilizing your blood sugar levels (Blood Suger comes from the food you eat). Hunger Stop slow-releases the sugar from the meals you eat into your blood. This...

Why you should try Fat Terminator

How does it work? The different ingredients in the Fat Terminator work in a synergistic manner to help with anti-oxidation, assist in blood sugar control, control cravings, boost metabolism and increase fat burning activity.In other words our product was created to...

2.0. Tummy melt tea

2.1. Product Description. This tea is thoughtfully blended to target fat and toxins. We use only the highest quality ingredients and herbs. Indulge and enjoy with peace of mind knowing that Tummy Melt Tea is made using only...

Mega slim bar

Mega Slim Bar extensive befits go even beyond the benefits of Omegas on your body and healthy diet. Here some of Goodies that we have added into your Mega Slim Bar. We have selected these based on the benefits and science that backs them up, to bring you one of the...

Why do our bodies create Stomach Fat and how do we hack it?

This article looks at the underlining reasons as to why your body chooses to create specifically the fat cells around your waistline and belly. Once we understanding these reasons we can then look at the best ways and means with which we can get rid of...

Feed Mor Ready To Eat 3 in 1

3 in 1…Shake…Porridge… Smoothie…This “ready to eat” Moringa porridge that doubles up as a smooth, the name speaks for itself.Feed Mor: is a Moringa fortified Porridge that is designed with the intention to be the perfect nutritional booster. Feed-Mor™ is less food but...

Tummy Melt Tea

This tea is thoughtfully blended to target fat and toxins. We use only the highest quality ingredients and herbs. Indulge and enjoy with peace of mind knowing that Tummy Melt Tea is made using only natural botanical herbs that are selected to complement a weight-loss program of exercise and a balanced diet…..

Hunger Stop


A natural bouquet of spices and herbs that acts as a supplement which targets bloating and belly fat in the body. Hunger-Stop aims to suppress the cravings of sugars and refined carbohydrates foods allowing for a breakthrough in getting a healthy diet. Further benefits are seen in; blood sugar regulation, anti-inflammation..

Fat Terminator

We created a powerful combination of nutrients that can target fat cells in more than one way. The first weapon of this fearsome product is thermogenesis, which is a process where your body creates heat by burning calories. This ingredient selection is a synergistic blend to boost the processes aimed for.

Feed-More Meal Plans

The Feed-Mor instant meal replacement is designed to be an appropriate nutritional booster proving that dynamite does indeed come in small packages. With just a few tablespoons of this holistic meal can provide your body with all that it needs out of a meal without the bulkiness, oiliness or heaviness that come with some common food.

Fibre Max

Fibre Max is a breakfast that is extremely suited for the person who wishes to get that perfect looking tummy living a natural lifestyle. The power of the oats is thanks to a substance called beta-glucan fibre that stays in the system longer, this trait of oats may help in other areas in the body such as; reducing blood sugar, digestion health and cholesterol.

Mega Slim Bar

Mega Slim Bar is a crafted selection of seeds that contain the many nutrients one needs. We have also added a combination of superfoods such as Goji berries to create a powerhouse of healthy fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. For those living the 247-natural lifestyle, the Mega Slim Bar is the perfect on the go snack to have while sculpting or maintaining your desired bodies.

Product Combinations

This is a powerful product combination that is tailored for aggressive weight change and body image transformation. This product combination is a mix of Natural Lifestyle 24/7 products that aims to transform the human body in many ways. This combination is based on the act of the three “R” s. This combo works firstly to “Remove”; unhealthy toxins built up from your life before you chose to change.

Product Guide & News

The information of the product guide is an attempt at turning data into relevant information that may be needed by customers. The guide works to give multiple viewpoints on what the experience may be when taking Natural Lifestyle 24/7 products.